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Sermons of Jesus Christ

This is a complete list of the sermons of Jesus Christ.

The sermons are arranged by book.

The bible references are linked to the
NIV Online Bible at:
 that will initially show the NIV version,
but you can view other translations on the same web page.

 Sermon/Discourse        Matthew  Related Verses 
Sermon on the mount  Matthew 5:1-48    Luke 6:17-49
The 12 commissioned  Matthew 10:1-42    Mark 6:6-13
About John the Baptist     Matthew 11:2-30    Luke 7:18-35
A house divided  Matthew 12:22-50    Mark 3:20-30
Parables by the sea  Matthew 13:1-53    Luke 8:4-21
Kingdom greatness  Matthew 18:1-35    Mark 9:33-50
Authority of Christ  Matthew 21:23    Luke 20:1-19
   Matthew 22:14
Woes to leaders  Matthew 23:1-39    Mark 12:38-40
The end of time  Matthew 24:1-26:2    Mark 13:1-37
   Matthew 24:2
Upper room discourse  Matthew 26:26-35    John 13:1-17
       John 13:26

 Sermon/Discourse        Mark  Related Verses 
Parables by the sea          Mark 4:1-34    Matthew 13:1-53
Traditions of men  Mark 7:1-23    Matthew 15:1-20
Warnings  Mark 9:30-50         Matthew 18:1-35   
Concerning divorce  Mark 10:1-12    Matthew 19:1-12
Return of Christ  Mark 13:1-37    Luke 21:5-36

 Sermon/Discourse        Luke  Related Verses 
Sermon on the plain  Luke 6:17-7:1    Matthew 5:1-7:29
About John the Baptist     Luke 7:18-35    Matthew 11:2-30
Parables by the sea  Luke 8:4-21    Matthew 13:1-53
Seventy sent  Luke 10:1-24    Matthew 10:1-42
How to pray  Luke 11:1-13    Matthew 6:5-15
A house divided  Luke 11:14-36    Mark 3:2-31
Pharisees rebuked  Luke 11:37-54    Mark 7:1-23
God cares  Luke 12:1-13:9    Matthew 10:5-33
Discipleship  Luke 14:25-35    Matthew 10:34-42
The lost parables  Luke 15:1-16    John 9:35-10:21
   Luke 15:31    
The second coming  Luke 17:20-37    Matthew 24:32-51
Parables on prayer  Luke 18:1-14    Luke 11:1-13
The end of time  Luke 21:5-36    Matthew 24:1-26
       Matthew 24:2

 Sermon/Discourse        John  Related Verses 
Meets Nicodemus  John 3:1-21    Romans 6:1-14
Woman at the well  John 4:5-38    Colossians 3:16
His equality with God  John 5:17-47    Matthew 28:18-20
Bread of Heaven  John 6:26-58    John 8:12-59
Light of the world  John 8:12-59    John 6:26-58
The good shepherd  John 9:35-10:21    Luke 15:1-10
Son of God  John 10:22-39    Matthew 25:31-46
Upper room discourse   John 13:1-17:26    Matthew 26:26-35

Parables of Jesus Christ

This is a complete list of the parables of Jesus Christ.
A parable is an earthly story with a spiritual truth.

This list of parables is alphabetically arranged.

All online bible links (references) are underlined, and
therefore linked to the online bible at:
To lookup a passage on your own
just insert the book and verse(s) near
the top of the page under the word, "Search"
and click on the word Search to the right of the insertion or
press the Enter key on your keyboard.
The Example for Alert servants would be:  Mark 13:33-37

       Parable  Matthew  Mark  Luke  John  
 Alert servants    Mark 13:33-37    
 Barren fig tree      Luke 13:6-9  
 Bread of life        John 6:31-38
 Budding fig tree  Matthew 24:32-35    Mark 13:28-32    Luke 21:29-33  
 Children in market  Matthew 11:16-19      Luke 7:31-35  
 Christian light  Matthew 5:14-16    Mark 4:21-23  Luke 8:16-18    
 Dinner guests      Luke 14:15-24    
 Divided kingdom  Matthew 12:24-30    Mark 3:22-27  Luke 11:14-23    
 Feast invitations      Luke 14:12-14    
 Friend at midnight      Luke 11:1-13    
 Good Samaritan      Luke 10:25-37    
 Good shepherd        John 10:1-18
 Great physician  Matthew 9:10-13    Mark 2:15-17  Luke 5:29-32    
 Grooms attendants  Matthew 9:14-15    Mark 2:18-20  Luke 5:33-35    
 Growing seed    Mark 4:26-29    
 Hidden treasure  Matthew 13:44        
 Householder  Matthew 13:52        
 Humbled guest      Luke 14:7-11    
 King's war plans      Luke 14:31-33    
 Laborers in vineyard  Matthew 20:1-16        
 Landowner  Matthew 21:33-46    Mark 12:1-12  Luke 20:9-18    
 Leaven  Matthew 13:33      Luke 13:20-21    
 Lost coin      Luke 15:8-10    
 Lost sheep      Luke 15:4-7    
 Marriage feast  Matthew 22:1-14        
 Mustard seed  Matthew 13:31-32    Mark 4:30-32  Luke 13:18-19    
 Net of fish  Matthew 13:47-50        
 New cloth  Matthew 9:16    Mark 2:21  Luke 5:36    
 New wine  Matthew 9:17    Mark 2:22  Luke 5:37-39    
 Pearl of great price  Matthew 13:45-46        
 Pharisee and tax collector      Luke 18:9-14    
 Prodigal son      Luke 15:11-32    
 Rich man & Lazarus      Luke 16:19-31    
 Rich fool      Luke 12:16-21    
 Salt without taste  Matthew 5:13    Mark 9:50  Luke 14:34-35    
 Servant's duty      Luke 17:7-10    
 Sheep and goats  Matthew 25:31-46        
 Sign of Jonah  Matthew 12:38-42      Luke 11:29-32    
 Tares in field (part 1)  Matthew 13:24-30        
 Tares in field (part 2)  Matthew 13:36-43        
 Ten Minas      Luke 19:11-27    
 Ten talents  Matthew 25:14-30        
 Ten virgins  Matthew 25:1-13        
 The Sower (part 1)  Matthew 13:3-9    Mark 4:3-20  Luke 8:4-15    
 The Sower (part 2)  Matthew 13:18-23        
 Two debtors      Luke 7:41-43    
 Two sons  Matthew 21:28-32        
 Unclean spirit  Matthew 12:43-45      Luke 11:24-26    
 Unjust judge      Luke 18:1-8    
 Unjust steward      Luke 16:1-13    
 Unmerciful servant  Matthew 18:21-35        
 Unprepared builder      Luke 14:28-30    
 Vine and branches        John 15:1-17
 Watching servants      Luke 12:35-40    
 Wise builder  Matthew 7:24-27      Luke 6:47-49    
 Wise servant  Matthew 24:45-51        
 Wise steward      Luke 12:42-48    

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