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Miracles of Jesus:

Healing of a man possessed by a demon
in the synagogue in Capernaum

Healing Simon Peter's mother-in-law
at Simon Peter's house in Capernaum

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(Matthew 8:14-15, Mark 1:29-31, Luke 4:38-39)

After Jesus healed the demon-possessed man in the synagogue in Capernaum, he and his disciples went to the home of Simon Peter and Andrew, where the mother-in-law of Peter (also known as Simon and as Simon Peter) was sick with a high fever. As described in the Gospel of Luke:

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Jesus went to Simon’s house and was told that Simon’s mother-in-law was sick in bed with a high fever. Jesus went to her and ordered the fever to leave. She then got up and served them a meal. She was healed. Many people came to Simon’s house and were healed of diseases and all kinds of sickness. Demons went out of people and all shouted: ”You are the Son of God.” The next morning when Jesus wanted to leave, everyone wanted Him to stay. Jesus told them: “People in other towns need to hear the good news of God’s kingdom. That’s why I was sent.” Jesus then continued on His way. Luke 4:38-43, Matthew 8:14-17, Mark 1:23-34