Click here To go to
to download and install the flash-player plug-in,
if you don't already have it.
If you have the flash-player plug-in installed
The Original Interview with God movie below should play

The original website,
no longer exists, so you can click to replay each movie,
at the end of the movie, but clicking on other things
like e-cards etc. will give you an error.

To test the newly installed flash-player plug-in
click this link for "The Original Interview with God movie"

Click here to see Ron Latin's Digital Art slideshow

The slideshows will not work on a MAC.
If the show plays, you have the photodex presenter plug-in installed.

If it doesn't play the show,

you probably will be prompted to automatically get it from Photodex,

If you are not prompted
you need to download and install
the photodex presenter plugin.

 Click this link to download the photodex presenter plug-in
Click the light blue line that says,
"Click here do download the Presenter plug-in"
The install file name is   pxsetup.exe   Save it to a folder.
When you have downloaded the file in a folder,
double click the file name   pxsetup.exe  in your folder,
and the photodex presenter plugin will be installed in a folder at:
C:\Program Files\Photodex Presenter

These slideshows are beautiful and worth the trouble
to get the photodex presenter plug-in

Click here to "test" Ron Latin's Digital Art slideshow

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