An amazing solo free climber named Catherine Destivelle

"Evian Baby Moves"

The following group of movies/videos are from

Learning to Dance in the Rain Movie
is about being grateful for all things

Natures Inspiration Movie

Dream Movie

Finding Joy Movie

Laugh Movie

Butterfly Effect Movie
Your Every Action Makea a Difference

Even Eagles Need a Push Movie
The Power of Encouragement

Power of Attitude Movie

I think these are fantastic divx videos/movies.

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Apples and Oranges
A divx video showing extreme snowboarding

Starship Groove
A divx animusic video-Amazing

Resonant Chamber
A divx animusic video-Unbelievable and Very Different

Xmas Time in Dun Morogh
A divx animusic video-Very Beautiful

The Amazing Future Design Rolltop Computer

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