Powerpoint Shows
are beautiful slideshows with music
Powerpoint shows are played with a Powerpoint program,
that is part of the Windows Microsoft Office Suite of Programs.

Powerpoint Shows (.PPS) can also be played if you have the Powerpoint Viewer 2010.
Download the free install Powerpoint Viewer 2010
by Copy and Pasting the following line into a new browser window:
Save the file powerpoint.exe to your download folder.

  Click Here To Download The Powerpoint Viewer 2010 Program
This is a large file, so allow it 2-7 minutes to download
Filename is PowerPointViewer.exe

Now double click the file PowerPointViewer.exe,
then follow the prompts to Install the program

This is set 4 of 4 Enjoyable Powerpoint Shows
Shows 191 to 198
Scroll down to see the links to powerpoint shows 191 to 198

Turn On Your Sound

Press the ESC key to exit the show.

Enjoy viewing the powerpoint shows on this site

Click a link below to download the .pps filename
to your Download folder.

# 191  World Body Painting Festival 2014
Filename is worldbodypaintingfestival2014.pps file

# 192  Harbin Ice Show 2011
Filename is harbinicesw2011.pps file

# 193  Harbin Ice Show 2013
Filename is harbinicesw2013.pps file

# 194  Harbin Ice Show 2014
Filename is harbinicesw2014.pps file

# 195  Charming Paintings MS2
Filename is CharmingPaintingsMS2.pps file

# 196  Ice Festival 2011
Filename is icefestival.pps file

# 197  Frozen Beauty
Filename is frozenbeauty.pps file

# 198  Ladies illustrations
Filename is ladiesillustrations.pps file

# 199  Amazing Artist NS
Filename is amazingartistns.pps file

# 200  Art Painting GM
Filename is artpaintinggm.pps file

# 201  Christmas Around The World 2013
Filename is christmasaroundworld2013.pps file

# 202  Flowers Paintings SA
Filename is flowerspaintingssa.pps file

# 203  Greece In Paintings PDZ
Filename is greeceinpaintingspdz.pps file

# 204  Indian Art BK
Filename is indianartbk.pps file

# 205  Native American Paintings VCG
Filename is nativeamericanpaintingsvcg.pps file

# 206  Women In Art China Part2
Filename is womeninartChinaadjpart2.pps file

# 207  Women In Art China ADJ Part 3
Filename is womeninartChinaadjpart3.pps file

# 208  Women In Art China ZMH
Filename is womeninartchinazmh.pps file

# 209  Women In Art LB
Filename is womeninartlb.pps file

# 210  Women In Art P1
Filename is womeninartp1.pps file

# 211  Women In Art P2
Filename is womeninartlp2.pps file

# 212  Amazing Art MP
Filename is amazingartmp.pps file

# 213  Animals In Autumn 3
Filename is animalsinautumn3.pps file

# 214  Birds In Art
Filename is birdsinart.pps file

# 215  Colorful Paintings NB
Filename is colorfulpaintingsnb.pps file

# 216  Best OF National Geographic 2011 Part1
Filename is bestofNationalGeographic2011part1.pps file

# 217  Best OF National Geographic 2011 Part2
Filename is bestofNationalGeographic2011part2.pps file

# 218  Best OF National Geographic 2011 Part3
Filename is bestofNationalGeographic2011part3.pps file

# 219  Halloween Pumpkins Carving.pps
Filename is halloweenpumpkinscarving.pps file

# 220  Autumn Colors18
Filename is AutumnColors18.pps file

# 221  Christmas Decors Paris
Filename is ChristmasDecorsParis.pps file

# 222  Christmas Lights World 8
Filename is christmaslightsworld8.pps file

# 223  Easter Colors
Filename is EasterColors.pps file

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