To play the music below, double click
the triangle pointing to the right.
Click the square button to stop.
Click the double vertical lines to pause.
STOP the music, if it is playing,
before you go to another web page.

  If This Is It

The following slideshows need the Photodex Presenter Plug-in
They are quite beautiful with transitions, and beautiful music.

Go to our Video Support page to
download and install the Photodex Presenter Plug-in

If you wish to have the show seen in Full screen mode,
Begin the show.
then just scroll to the bottom of the page if needed,
the use your mouse to touch the bottom of the image,
you will see a control line.
Click the item on the far right of the control line.
It will bring up a menu with an item that says, "Full screen".
Click it to get in and out of Full screen mode.

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You have a friend in me

Beautiful scenes with music 1

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Beautiful scenes with music 3

Animals, Flowers, Rivers, and Mountains with music

Mostly dogs with Christian music

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